Novels By A Lady Biker

Stories about women doing what is necessary to survive.

I began writing with the encouragement of Odalis Herrera, a friend I was working with whose first book was being published in 2014. Her advise: "Start at the beginning and write until it is done. Don't worry about what it sounds like." Okay. I can do that. 500,000 words later (No, that isn't a typo) I finished my first story. It will take some major revisions for it to be ready to publish, but I now had one complete work WRITTEN!. 

I continued to study, learn and write, attempting to find a procedure which works for me. (Still working on that one) I have completed multiple books and in 2016 managed to turn lose of my first book, Abilene to be published. The Jillian Factor came out in 2017.  My goal of two books a year isn't happening yet, but I'm working on it. This is my fun retirement job which keeps me busy.

Novels by a Lady Biker

The website got its name because riding my motorcycle is a passion. My dream trip was seeing all 49 continental states on my bike, camping most of the way. I managed to get through 39 before moving to northern Arizona (Less than 100 miles from the Grand Canyon) from crowded south Florida.  (The truth, I ran out of money.) I returned to work doing a fun job with children. I still have plans to see the last ten states. 

Within this website, you will find my travels. Musings. Recommendations of books I've read. (Yes I do read a lot and always have.) And updates on my endeavors and new releases. So stay awhile and enjoy the site. 

Also, the use of novels in the title sort of warn you the books will be a mix of genres but I seem stuck on the thriller/suspense/mystery genre but there will be an odd book here and there of historical happenings, fantasy, clean romance and and maybe a gritty book or two.

B. A. Mealer

George Washington Carver:  "90% of the failures in life are those who have the habit of making excuses."

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