A Stalker, a syndicate, a secret, and no where to hide!

Ronald McGuire has been stalking Abilene for two years, using her research to find oil. But, who is he really working for?

Abilene Brown has no idea of how he finds her. In an attempt to hide, she rents the Haskell Ranch for six months, hoping for a reprieve of two weeks, but only gets two days.

Ron isn't the only one after her. Are the two connected? 

Wade Chapman, who owns the Haskell Ranch, also has a secret when he meets Abilene. Will he be able to fulfill his promise to keep her safe?

A twenty-year-old secret is the key.

As an older woman, I like to read about the more mature women.

This book was conceived while I was still in Florida but had been to Nevada for a class. While going through New Mexico, I could envision a book taking place there. I ended up writing this book, enthralled with the canyons and washes I had seen while whizzing through the area. Now that I live in the high desert, I appreciate the beauty and ruggedness of the land. 

May you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

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About the Author

B. A. Mealer retired with her third career decided upon when she started writing. After spending way too many years working as a nurse and raising four children, she decided the second half of her century of life was going to be all about what she wanted to do.

She left home and traveled for a year before deciding to leave South Florida for the high desert of Arizona.  Living close to the end of the grid, she works for the Williams school district as an aide for special needs children while continuing to write. 

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