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About Me

Author, Traveler, and Unwilling to Give Up

Me and My Trike taken by Henry Greer in NHThis is probably my favorite picture of me. It was taken by Henry Greer in New Hampshire. He and his wife saw me leaving and wanted a picture of me because I was older, female and traveling alone. So, yes, I’m a risk taker. I will get out there and live my dreams now that I have no job I have to do. It’s nice being retired.

The Job history…boring.

Okay, I hear that retired from what? I was an operating nurse for most of my working career but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do all sorts of things before then. My first job: waitress and short order cook. From there I worked in a factory making fiberglass boats, a machine shop making small electrical parts, a plant that made synthetic fibers, sewing factories making baseball uniforms, Levi’s, and one which made all types of clothes. All those were minimum wage jobs.

I graduated to Psych tech and then a behavior needs aid in two different institutions. When I got to that point, I went back to school and earned a BSN when a psychologist declared we weren’t any smarter than the people we were caring for. I proved him totally wrong as did to other caregivers there. I dared him to take the classes I did and pass them considering I had gotten the highest grades possible in all my psych classes (which he hadn’t).

The Fun Stuff

Anyway, I retired and traveled for 18 months, going up the eastern seaboard, back down the Blue Ridge Parkway, the across the southern US and up the west Coast. I went back to Arizona to do research and loved the place so much I decided to stay after my trip to Alaska.

Yes, I’m an author. I didn’t begin to write seriously until a year before I retired. Since then, I’ve been working on craft, marketing and publishing..It’s a slow process no matter how you look at it. I’ve learned a lot but still feel like there is more to learn.

I’m one of those authors who likes to write in several genres. Crime stories are my favorite. Inspirational stories and romance is another genre I like. Then there is my paranormal story which was my first manuscript. I’m  revising and redoing it for a class, but it will take a good two years to have it even close to being ready for publishing. It was my first after all, which means it has tons of problems to fix.  When finished, it will be multiple books.

The Big Move

In June of 2019, I sold my house in Florida where I had lived for 30 plus years and bought 40 acres of land in the high desert in northern Arizona. I’m going to build a house where I will have all the space I need to not hear the constant barking dogs, the neighbors fighting, young people racing up and down the dirt roads ruining them. Then there’s the neighbor next door who is making his property into a junk yard. So yeah, I’ll be glad to move into a place where the only thing I’ll hear is the train and coyotes yipping. There is even a herd of antelope which I’ve seen twice now when checking out the property. .

Oh, for those who need a studio photo…this is the other me.