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All the Little States

The tiny coastal states which many forget and are full of history

All the Little States

September 12, 2019

Mystic, CT

Connecticut was my start on seeing all the little states. After a full day of rain, the morning began with overcast skies, but the sun began to peek out by 9 AM. Time for a ride. I went north on rte 49 which is a narrow twisty road with a number of small towns containing a lot of large old houses lining the road. At 14 A, I headed west to 169 N, taking my time and enjoying the shaded roads with rock wall fences and small farms.

From the maps of the area, I figured it wouldn’t difficult to follow roads through the towns. Wrong! I ended up zig-zagging and taking a tour of the town.When I found 197 I turned west. There were a lot places where I wanted to take pictures but there were no places to stop. I did get a couple of pictures of Chamberlain Pond. The area was so nice, I wanted to stay but the clouds were piling up again and I’m not fond of riding in the rain.

I stopped on the way back to campground to to take this picture of the Mystic River. The houses in the background are part of Mystic. Of course I got lost getting back to the KOA and then turned the wrong way on 66 W. Oops. 151 had enough curves to be fun but I was doing my best to miss the rain. I left 156 along the sound to hurry back to my camp. By the time I was back at camp, the sky was black.

Mystic River

It rained during the night. I fought my leaky air mattress so was up at 5:30 AM my body feeling like I had been in fight.

September 13 and 14, 2015

I spent the 13th working on the computer writing and playing games. It was heavily overcast but didn’t rain. I spent most of the day at the pavilion where the tables were dry and it was quiet.  At super time I returned to my camp. After eating, I attempted to read outside but the mosquitoes were rampant and I had to retreat to my tent.

I fought with the leaky mattress for the night, ending up refiling it at 5 AM but then did get up at 6:30 AM. I ate and began to pack up, ready to leave. It was bad enough to put up the tent in the rain, but it was almost as bad to take it down when I had to get all the leaves and dirt out of it. Before I could pack the tent, I had to dry the bottom and then clean up the tarp under it. How I manged to get everything packed without getting totally filthy, I’ll never know, but I did manage it.

Rhode Island

I headed south to US 1 but missed the turn to 1A which was where I really wanted to go on the ride through Rhode Island. Luckily, I only missed a short distance, as I was able to get 1A  along the Pettaquamscutt Lake shores. I finally found a place to stop and take pictures of the lake and the rock fences which you see throughout the area. The fences make sense since the area is filled with rocks and making a fence-row out of them puts them to good use. The area was so picturesque that I took my time, enjoying the scenery you don’t see in Florida.

RI Stone Wall

RI US 1 Farm wall

Going north on US 1, I ended up in Warwick. Not too bad, but Providence, RI is close so I hop on I-95 N to get through the city. Going east on I-195, I exit on to US 6 east, only to discover I tor off too quick and was still in Providence. Stoically, I stick to 6 only to discover that the road is really, really bad with a lot of construction. If you miss a turn, the one-way streets are not kind in getting you back to where you need to be.

Lost again

I missed the turn to 28 S. Why? They had a sing that had 28  28 and an arrow to the left. No directions, just 28 twice. My guess was that meant the road was going both directions, but I didn’t know that until too late. Oh well, I’ll catch it on the flip side.

I made it as far as Sandwich before I pulled off at the first motel on the right. That way, I wouldn’t be going the wrong direction when leaving in the morning. Yeah, I’m directionally challenged. I have made it to 6A and am on my way to Cape Cod.

September 15, 2015

It was a slow morning. I didn’t sleep well so didn’t get up until 7 AM. I continued north and my first stop was the Nauset light house… you know… the one on the Cape Cod potato chip bag.?

Nauset Lighthouse

I took pictures of the Three Sisters which are rescues light houses from the coast of Cape Cod. What a lot of people don’t know is that the lighthouses have to be moved back periodically due to the erosion of the shore line along the cape…which happens to be made up of mostly sand. (Hint…don’t build on the beach here)

New Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

They are predicting New Province own will become an island as the dues south of it are slowly being eaten by the ocean.

The Three Sisters Lighthouses

Highland Lighthouse

The Highland lighthouse was moved in 1996, saving it from falling into the ocean. I thought about stopping in New Provincetown, but nixed that idea when it would cost me for $12 to $24 a hour to park due to the trailer. The end result is that I didn’t get to see the monument to the pilgrims or the museum.

Lunch was at Moby Dick’s which was recommended to me as a place to get fresh fish. Everything they serve is caught fresh daily which means a light taste and the fish was flakey and tender and the cod wasn’t oily unlike that you buy in stores. The prices were a bit on the high side, but the good food was worth it.

This time I didn’t miss 28. It is a narrow road through historic towns. I ended up stopping in Chatham for the night. I was tired with the narrow roads, winds and heat. For me, it was a great day since I got to see the lighthouses.

September 16, 1015

I finally got off of Cape Cod after riding most of Hwy 28. I opted to take 3 to I-95 into Boston to get to US 1 then 1A. The traffic and roads weren’t all that bad, so I did get to see some of Boston with no intention of stopping there. I was near the harbor. Following 1A was a slight problem. Either there were no signs or confusing signs which take you off on the wrong street. I did manage to make it to Gloucester. That is the port the boat took off from in the movie, “Perfect Storm.” You can see the Harbor and the red brick building from the movie here.

Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Harbor building from movie

This was the view from my hotel. It was in the lower 70s and cool, yet there were people there sunbathing and swimming. Having lived in Florida for over 30 years, I don’t go in the water until less it’s 80 outside.

Coucester Bearch from motel

Hopefully I’ll be in Maine tomorrow. I’m ready to see the fall trees.


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