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Getting There

Mystic, CT Camp

After my experience with the New York drivers on the Taconic Parkway, I wanted nothing more to do with the crazies who were speeding along the narrow four lane road on their way home, taking both lanes as they paid more attention to the cellphones in their hands than the traffic.  Needless to say, I couldn't get off it fast enough, realizing it was a lousy choice on a motorcycle even if it is a big one with a trailer. I had believed it was the quickest way to get to all the little states along the coast while by passing New York City.

I was trying to make Copake KOA but ended up in a motel for the night. It was good thing as the next day I found out they were charging $74 a night for a basic tent site. 

Mystic Connecticut

The first of the three little states was Connecticut. I chose Mystic, CT where the KOA there had places for tents. Good idea but when I got there it started to rain. Now understand, I can put up my tent in less than 30 min. including staking it down and setting up the awning. In the rain...not happening. A canvas tent becomes this heavy mass when wet. Then add in the suction from the inside, it becomes almost impossible to lift.

One of the men from the campground helped me to get the tent up. I then had to mop up the major puddles from the floor which took almost an hour. It was dark before I got everything unloaded and set up. Then another problem air mattress had been punctured by the table corner. It wasn't a little was a big one. I patched it but it still leaked. Okay...another hole to be patched. It held air so I went to bed only to awaken at 3 am with a rock digging into my hip and freezing cold from the water running under the tent. My tent was on an incline with tons of rocks, tree roots and a river flowing under it from the rain. My bike was sitting in a pond and the bathroom was on the other side of that pond. The picture above is my camp after the rain was over. Where the bike is sitting, the side where I am standing to take the picture was a pond for a full day. It wasn't until the second day there I was able to go riding.

Riding around Mystic

Mystic River

It was a good thing I had no real set path as I missed several turns and ended up taking a tour of several small towns. Part of the fun on this trip was getting totally lost on the back roads. I do have GPS on the bike, but unless I had some place special to be, I seldom used it.  I did program the address to the campground where I was staying, but only turned it on when it was time to head back

 I stopped to get a picture of the Mystic river on my way back to the campground. It meandered through the area where I crossed it several times while riding. The area is picturesque and well worth the time to explore.

RI US 1 Farm wall

RI Stone Wall

Rhode Island 

Okay, time to move on to the next of the little states. I headed to US 1 but missed the turn to US1 A which was my plan  through Rhode Island. I did manage to find it several miles later and rode along the Pettaquamscutt lake shores. 

​​​​Now CT and RI both have a major problem with stones. What do you do when your land is filled with rocks and stones? Well you can pile them up and use the land around the pile or you can use them to make fences. All through the two states I found tons of these rock fences which were decorative and useful.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Nauset Lighthouse

Highland Lighthouse

The Three Sisters Lighthouses

I ended up making it to Cape Cod, located in the last of the little states. I spent two days following route 6 and 28. Provincetown at the end of the cape is a small vacation town, but it wasn't my favorite spot. The roads were horrible, narrow and there wasn't a place to park that I could afford. The cost was $6 to $16 and hour for a car. For a bike with a trailer...$12 to $32 and hour. I didn't get to see the monument or museum for the pilgrims as it was way to costly for me. What got my attention was all the big sand dunes which surround the town. From what I understood, they move quite a bit and are expected to cover the road soon.

 I did stop to see the lighthouses on my trip around the cape. The first is the one you see on all Cape Cod Chip products is found at Nauset. You have to pay to get closer than I was to the lighthouse. The second one is the Highland lighthouse. It sat on an area where the land drops off to the ocean. You can walk down to a small beach on the left side of the lighthouse. The Three Sisters light houses used to sit on a spit of land and were distinctive until taken out of service and moved. All of the lighthouses have been moved at least once due to the deteriorating shore lines. The land is mostly sand and the ocean is gradually eating away at it.

If you want to stop for good food on the Cape, Moby Dicks had fresh fish and lobster...meaning caught that day. It was worth the price of the meal if you like fish. There is a definite difference in fresh versus frozen or day old. Needless to say, I'll not be able to enjoy fish like I used to after having the best along the east coast.

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gloucester Harbor lighthouse

Gloucester Harbor

Coucester Bearch from motel

From Cape Cod, I continued north to Gloucester. A friend said I needed to stop there as popular film was filmed there. It is the port the boat left from in the movie "The Perfect Storm". The first picture has the lighthouse you see in the film which guard the entrance to the harbor. The Second is of the bay. The entrance to the marina is by the brick building on the right side of the picture which you also see in the movie. There were a lot of old docks and fishing boats in the harbor. It was getting late and I was tired so I found a place to stay in Gloucester. The last picture is the view from the small patio outside the door. It is the middle of September and for me it is cool, but there were a lot of people out swimming and enjoying the sun.

29 Jul, 2018

From New Jersey into New York,

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