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Among the missing

I've Been Busy

Among the Missing

Yes, I know. I know. I’ve been among the missing for several months. No, I haven’t run away and joined the circus or fallen into the Grand Canyon. Yes, it’s been while since I sent out an update.  But I have been busy. The weeks seemed to have slipped by, leaving me behind.

Unplanned Return to Work

I’ve been working full time. It wasn’t a plan, but I couldn’t pass it up. I’m working with disabled children in their homes. They are the most wonderful kids as you watch them try so hard to learn and do things. The rewards are great when they do learn something like pushing a button, turning on a toy, buttoning a button or lifting their leg so you can put on their pants.

Most of these children will never be able to do much for themselves, but they try so hard. I’m lucky in that the ones I care for are also very loving. That doesn’t mean that we both don’t get frustrated, but they don’t give up.

With the past couple of months I’ve been working 5 to 6 days a week. That leaves little time to get much done. Then I’ve had to take time to work with the horses along with feeding them and cleaning up after them. With all that and keeping a house, I’m now down to 2-3 hours a day to work on my writing.

In September I finished a first draft for a book. For October, I’ve been editing and taking several classes. It’s one of the few months I’ve not written anything other than a short story and emails. The editing has been intense since I’m working on getting the next book out.

The Next Book

Mariah: Blood of the New Moon is almost ready. I’m getting the interior formatted for print and e-book. I’m also going over it one more time, looking for mistakes. This is the one thing that most people forget about. Editing will take 3 to 10 times as long to complete as writing the book. The first draft can be written in 1 to 2 months depending on the length. The next 6 months may be editing the book, getting it ready for a professional editor.

Once it gets to the professional editor, then comes the revisions and corrections and redoing sections, etc. When that is done, the proofreader goes through it and finds more mistakes.

No matter what you do, a few will always slip through. Even with traditionally published books, you will find typos and punctuation errors. My favorite error on a traditionally published book was the one where they skipped a chapter number. It went from Chapter 6 to Chapter 8. The story was all there, but the chapter numbers were wrong. It happens.


Here is the cover for Mariah. It is on pre-sale for $0.99 until  Jan. 21 After that, the price will increase to $4.99 at that time.

Book cover

Mariah: Blood of the New Moon coverHere is the blurb for the book:

What does a new designer drug, a long line of ritualistic murders, and an ancient cult have in common?

Find out when the murder of Mariah Lansing’s best friend, Rachel pulls her into the underworld of the cartels in El Paso, Texas. The murder brings Dale Warner, a man from her past, back into her life.

When Mariah moves to a new job, she tries to side-step being framed for drug smuggling by a local police detective while dealing with Phillip Ortiz’s unexpected love for her along with Dale’s on again, off again romancing her. Her cousin Wes drops back into her life after years of pushing her away when he discovers she is being framed and is a target for the Sinaloa cartel

Delve into the world of murder, drugs, cartels, and an ancient Nahui cult in this suspenseful murder mystery set in El Paso, Texas.

This link will take you to all stores it is in other than Amazon.

The Amazon Link is:


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