B. A. Mealer:  Author and Traveler

Me and my bike.

I'm an author, currently writes suspense novels with strong, yet vulnerable females as her heroines. I grew up reading The Hardy Boys, Judy Barton and Nancy Drew novels before graduating to Agatha Christie, James Patterson, Dan Brown, J.D. Robb and James Michener. To this day, I am fascinated by the dragon stories I read and want to write a book with a dragon as one of the main characters. I will read any book, no matter what the genre if it is well written. (Yes, I loved the Harry Potter series and am awaiting the next Deviant/Belador book, but also like the sappy romances.)

Being a romantic at heart, all my books involve some romance, but it’s usually secondary to the rest of the story. Most of my books are contemporary, but expect the unexpected because I write like I read, in all genres including fantasy and sci-fi. Expect my novels to take place all over the USA since I live to travel and use places where I have been as settings.

Along with writing, riding my motorcycle is a passion. I traveled for a year after retiring from being a nurse, using my Harley Davidson trike and a 10 x 10 tent. The intention was to visit all the places I read about and some I hadn’t. (I forgot to mention I am directionally challenged). While traveling, I fell in love with the high desert and moved to Northern Arizona where I now enjoy the solitude of living on the edge of the grid where wildlife abounds, there is a change of seasons and people are few. It allows my mind wander into murder, mayhem and the unusual without distraction.