Beauty and Happiness

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Beauty and Happiness

Which comes first?

I know everyone has heard the adage "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But what is beauty? Does beauty bring happiness? These are questions we need to explore. 

One of the things my Grandfather told me was how a beautiful women is one who has the beauty embodied within her. That is what makes the outside beautiful. I can see where it was true. 


My Grandmother wasn't physically beautiful, but she was one of the happiest and most beautiful people I've ever seen. The light on her face and her peace with herself and her life gave her a beauty you don't see much of today. I can remember the love and caring she had for all of us. 


What Is beauty?

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. It is whatever you say it is from where you are seeing it. Many will see the above photos as mundane. Some will see them as not worth looking at and other will see them as wonderful photos. Your idea of what is beautiful is inside of you. The man who loves a woman others see as ugly. The grumpy cat everyone loves on the internet. The woman who everyone envies for her looks.  These all refer to surface beauty. It doesn't tell you want a person really looks like. For that you need to look inside of the person.

Inside versus outside beauty

True beauty comes from inside a person. That was my Grandfather and Grandmother.  Neither one had remarkable looks, but they were people you saw and longed to be like. They were beautiful people. 

Meanwhile, you have the people who believe outside beauty is most important. Those are the ones who will go for plastic surgery and have everything done so they fit the current social norms of how they should look.  For them, it isn't about what is inside them. It's all about what others see. They don't understand why they are never satisfied with how they look.

Beauty and happiness

To be happy, you have to like WHO you are. It isn't about what is on the outside.  It is all about what is inside of you. I'm sure almost everyone has met that absolutely gorgeous person only to find out that inside, they aren't like how they look. Those are people you don't want to be around because they hate who they are. and make you miserable as they complain about everything, or everything is about them. They have to be the focus because they don't have anything inside to shore them up. 

That takes me back to the words on the graphic.  There are as many styles of beauty as there are of happiness. What makes you happy, may not work for your best friend. What that person across the room sees a beautiful, may not be what you will see as beautiful.  What I do know, when it comes to people, if they don't like who they are, they aren't beautiful regardless of how they look on the outside.  

How does this relate to what I do?

I am a writer. I study people and listen to their stories. I've seen the unlikely pairings which work and the couples who are "beautiful" which fall apart. I've watched the narcissists who find the person most like them so they 'look' good. Then there was the woman and man no one paid attention to who were beautiful people because they loved who they were and didn't worry about what others thought of them. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, it is, but when you look at yourself, what do you see? Do you like what is there looking back at you? Do you only see what is on the surface or do you see what is inside of you? 

Personally, I believe mirrors are for fixing your hair and making sure you are at least presentable. It is the person who is looking at me who has the problem with how I look, not me. I like who I am and can care less what others think. When you make yourself into the best person you can be, you will attract others to you without trying. That is the secret many have learned. So....

Like yourself. See the beauty inside of you. Embrace the happiness inside of you. Smile. Go through life seeing the beauty around you and enjoying that happiness you have within you. This is part of what I write. No matter what trials and tribulations a person goes through, only they can make themselves beautiful and happy.  

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