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Believe you can

Whatever you believe about yourself and what you do is correct.

Henry Ford saying

Believe You Can

Whether You Believe

Those three words are so prophetic. Whether you believe. Think about it. What you believe is true.

What brought this post about is someone who said they couldn’t find time to do (fill in the blank). I immediately snapped back, “Fine. As long as you have that mindset, you’ll never get (fill in the blank) done.” This person truly believed they couldn’t accomplish what they wanted. I’ve learned to not waste my time trying to help people like that as they won’t get out of that mindset, no matter what you say. Until they see that they are limiting what they can do by saying they can’t, they are stuck there.

But that sounds so harsh

Yes it does. I’ve been there. Until I became open to finding ways to get things done, I was stuck in that rut, unable to get out of it. I believed I couldn’t, and the result was I didn’t even try. So that “or if you believe you can’t” was correct.

A person has to believe they can do something before they succeed. Henry Ford had so many people telling him he couldn’t set up an assembly line for cars. He believed he could. That company is still going strong, based on the principles of believing you can.

My writing and how I started

When I began to write, it took a good friend to tell me I could do it. I only needed to start at the beginning, then keep going until I reached the end. She also said to not worry about how it sounded. The main goal was to get the story down.

It worked. I completed a saga of 500,000 words in three months. I was a writer. Now I needed to learn how to edit, put in in a decent readable form,…etc. Changing from thinking ‘I can’t,” to ‘I can,” made the difference. Since then, I’ve written over 15 manuscripts. Being somewhat of perfectionist in writing, I’m spending tons of time editing and polishing before publishing. It all takes time, but I can and am now an author with published works out there.

You are correct in what you believe

This is what that whole saying means. No matter what you believe about yourself and what you can do, you are correct. It’s called self-limiting beliefs. You limit yourself by what you believe. I decided to take away the limits and reach for the stars. As the result, I did get my books out while learning all the ins and out of self-publishing.

I also believed I’d end up in my ideal place. I did. I just bought 40 acres of land and will be putting a house I’ll be building on it. There aren’t many places where you can buy land cheap enough to afford to build the house you want. It may not be fancy in the end, but it will be functional and fit the area where I’m living.

Another things I believed was that I’d find the ideal job to keep me going until I didn’t need to work any longer. I found that too when I took a job at the school taking care of a disabled child. I had said I’d never go back into nursing again when I retired, but this is a form of nursing where I can enjoy what I do and see the results from what I’m doing. Those nursing jobs are paying for the foundation of the house and the initial stages of construction.

Final thoughts.

The bottom line is that you need to change your way of thinking. Get rid of all the can’t’s in your life and make them into cans. You can do what you really want. You can own that home. You can find that job you love. You can (fill in the blank).

It’s called positive thinking. When I saw that quote the first time, it became my mantra. I was coming out of a severe depression and learning how to keep that darkness from coming back. I had to believe I could. Today, I seldom have those dark days as all I see it the light and beauty around me as I do the things I always dreamed of doing. A few things go on hold for now, but I will get to Scotland and Ireland. I will write the books which mean something to me.

Take a page from Henry Ford’s book and believe you can.

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