Playing Around Making Pins
Somewhere over the rainbowMaking PinsWasting time I was pulled away from my writing with the need to get things set up[...]
Where did my time go?
Where Did My Time Go?How does time slip way?I'm sure we have all stared at the clock and wished for[...]
On to Delaware
From North Carolina to DelawareLeaving New BernNorth Carolina lowlandsOut of North CarolinaI was ready to leave North Carolina after a[...]
Sensitivity Readers: Should We Allow This?
What are Sensitivity Readers?Why do we even need sensitivity readers?A sensitivity reader is someone who reviews your work to ensure[...]
Beauty and Happiness
Quote GraphicBeauty and HappinessWhich comes first?I know everyone has heard the adage "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."[...]
Perspective on Life
Life's not about...Perspectives on Life What is life really about?When I read the above quote, I had to question if[...]

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