The chances you don't take The Chances Not Taken What chances do you regret not taking? Throughout our lives, we[...]
Believe you can
BeliefsYour Beliefs Determine What You Can BeOur beliefs are who we are.Tony Robbins said, "Our beliefs about what we are[...]
Villains you love to hate.
โ€‹ Villains What Makes a Good Villain? What makes a good villain you love to hate? There are many things[...]
Interesting Lead Characters
What Makes an Interesting Lead Character? It Begins Before the StoryTo begin with, we all know great interesting lead characters.[...]
Books, and more Books
Books, and more books, the ones I recommendA new book from James Patterson and David EllisA book to keep you[...]
Playing Around Making Pins
Somewhere over the rainbowMaking PinsWasting time I was pulled away from my writing with the need to get things set up[...]

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