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A few good books I've read

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Invisible by James Patterson

This was one of the best I’ve read from James Patterson. It gives you all the hints, but when the ending comes, you’re like “I didn’t see that coming”. Even though you should have, you don’t. The lead character is still suffering from the death of her sister in a fire. When there are other questionable fires, she finally gets others to believer and they begin to look for the arson who is also a murderer.  I can’t recommend this book enough if you like twists and turns and insights into the killer’s mind.

The Fixer by Mike Gomes

The Fixer by Mike Gomes

This is the first of a series. Falau is a broken man. He stays drunk most of the time and suffers from flashbacks of the accident where his wife was killed. His best friend recruits him to work with The System which tries and executes people who used the system and were released to commit their crimes again. This book explains what they do, how they do it and the effects it has on Falau. I’ve read more than one of the series and Mike Gomes does a great job of keeping you reading to find out how Falau gets the man he’s after.

A Mail-Order Haven by Janelle Daniels

Mail Order Brides Haven

This is for all those romance readers. It is another start to a series. This is about 9 women who were drawn to a mining town when a man offered to marry them. When they arrived, the man was dead. They now have to figure out what to do along with finding a husband. None of them are willing to return tome.  I’m recommending this book because it contained humor, suspense, good characters and a great story.

Operation Hail Storm but Bret Arquette

Operation Hail Storm

This was a great modern techno thriller. Hail is the last name of the main character. He has gathered a group of people who are experts in nanotechnology. Their goal is to get rid of all the major bad guys in the world.

Mr. Arquette, who worked in the industry, put together a great book with all the things which keep you reading. It was totally believable in how the things work and what they are doing. It is a series and if you can afford them, then go ahead and read them. I did read this book but won’t pay the $10 for e-books, which is what he had them prices at, when I can get paperbacks for that price. (I don’t even pay that for famous writers.) As much as I’d like to continue the series, I refuse to pay that price.

As you can see, I read all sorts of books. I find that sticking to one genre soon becomes boring. I’ve read the Harry Potter series, Twilight, JD Robb, Nora Roberts, Dan Brown, Lee Childs, Tolkein, Hellerman, and bunches of other. I’ve been a voracious reader all my life. Even with my writing, I still make time to read.

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