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Montana: He sent an Angel
Are Angels Real?If angels are real, are they here among us?"Are angels real? It's a question I have no exacting[...]
Operation Hail Storm
Operation Hail StormOperation Hail Storm by Brett ArquetteThis is a book which I found totally interesting. It takes place in[...]
A Prequel to The Jillian Factor
Free to those who are on my mailing list Update on next novel to be published. I am currently working[...]
Mail-Order Heart
Mail-Order HeartPart of the miners to millionaires seriesMore...I will admit to getting this book as a freebie. It sounded good[...]
We Shall Ne’er Be Younger by Mary Ellen Woods
Book Review We Shall Ne'er Be Younger By Mary Ellen WoodsA book about mature women for mature womenMore...This was one[...]
Only by returning to the past will you find the path to the future
Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde I couldn't resist putting this picture here. It is part of the past. The people[...]