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The Jillian Factor is an engaging and highly
entertaining novel, well-crafted to keep the reader turning the

by Christian Sia, reviewers for Reader's Favorites

Jillian Potter is a private investigator, whose past collides with the present, putting her life and career on the line, forcing her to return to the past to find the path to her future.

About This Book

The Jillian Factor is a gritty sleuth novel about Jillian Potter, a 24-year-old private investigator, who stumbles upon the corpse of the man she was investigating while on vacation miles from home. The murder investigation throws her and undercover agent, Thomas Wellington, together when the situation spirals out of control, putting Jill’s life and career on the line when her past collides with the present. It forces her to realize that only by returning to the past will she find the path to her future.