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Mariah: Blood of the New Moon

What does a new designer drug, a long line of ritualistic murders, and an ancient cult have in common?

Find out when the murder of Mariah Lansing’s best friend, Rachel pulls her into the underworld of the cartels in El Paso, Texas. The murder brings Dale Warner, a man from her past, back into her life.

When Mariah moves to a new job, she tries to side-step being framed for drug smuggling by a local police detective while dealing with Phillip Ortiz’s unexpected love for her and Dale’s on again, off again romancing. Her cousin Wes drops back into her life after years of pushing her away when he discovers she is being framed and is a target for the Sinaloa cartel

Delve into the world of murder, drugs, cartels, and an ancient Nahui cult in this suspenseful murder mystery.

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