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A Prequel to The Jillian Factor

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Update on next novel to be published.

I am currently working on a prequel to The Jillian Factor. It will explain her relationship with William Wadsworth Weldon, better known as Billy.  He is her best friend but it isn’t explained in the Jillian Factor.  I felt he needed a fair shake since he was this nice guy.  It will explain how they met and some of the connections Jill didn’t know he had with her family and one friend from high school. 

There will also be a second book the the Jillian Factor. I wasn’t planning on a series, but this happen to pop up one day when I was working in the bakery at the Safeway in the nearest town to where I live.  The district manager actually gave me the means of murder and I came up with the why. I also took a few headlines from the local newspaper and decided to use it as part of the plot.  It’s ready to write when I can finish marketing the Jillian Factor and get Montana published. 

The prequel will cover a period of time three years prior to when the novel takes place.  It will cover somethings I touched on and but didn’t give all the details.  It should be ready within the next few weeks.  

Next novel to be published

Montana is a novel about a young girl who wasn’t wanted. She spent her life being ignored and kept hidden from the town where she lived. Her only outlet was music. She could hear the music, using it to keep her going in a life where most would give up. 

When she meets Shane, her life turns around as she finds the love and family she had wanted. They call her their angel. As the lives of Montana and Shane come together, more than theirs change as they discover there truly are angels on earth. 

This book is a Christian romance which explores the effects of not being wanted on a child and how Montana handled those issues and became to wonderful woman she was meant to be in spite of all she had to endure. 

The background picture was taken from Mallory Square in Key West which is renowned for its sunsets.

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