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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, New Bern, North Carolina

Savannah to Myrtle Beach to New Bern via KOA campgrounds.

Leaving Savannah KOA

August 29, 2015

I spent the day at the KOA campground in Savannah watching the rain. One of the nice things about traveling alone is that you don’t have to worry about someone else when your plans change. I sat on the porch of the Kabin and watched the rain on the water as the ducks swam around. By the time the rain let up, it was too late to go anywhere. I did pack and was ready to throw the things on the Trike and leave in the morning.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

August 30, 2015

The day started out nice. The road along the coast was beautiful until the afternoon. Then I ended up having to put on a rain suit. Okay, there was a slight problem. Before I put on the rain suit, my legs from the knees down were wet and a little bit on my shoulders. After I put the suit on, the front of my shirt was soaked along with my pants. You’d think a $150 rain suit would keep you dry from more than one or two times of wearing it.

Rain, rain , go away

I opted for a Kabin again at the KOA. With the rain, I knew better than putting up the tent. What I wasn’t expecting was a $95 price tag. A motel is cheaper than that! My taking the Kabin was good since it didn’t stop raining until 2 AM but that was only a slight reprieve. The rain began again the next morning.

Myrtle Beach Kabin and Trike

The area was beautiful, and where I was at meant that I wouldn’t be disturbing any one. I spent a lot of the day working on my writing and updating my trip. I had also tried to get tickets to one of the many shows in the area. Guess what, a single person can expect to be stuffed into a lousy seat so they don’t mess up the seating in the good sections. I wasn’t about to pay $50 for a lousy seat where I couldn’t enjoy the show. There is definite discrimination against single people doing things on their own. It was okay with me. I saved the money.

By 1 in the afternoon, the rain had stopped and the sun was out. I was ready to get out and see the area. After the fiasco with the shows, I went to Villa Romana and had a wonderful Italian meal. I was so large, I had enough for lunch the next day.


Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson Dealer…Oh My!

Time to go and see Myrtle Beach area….or so I thought. I went to the Harley Davidson dealership in town. I asked where the bikers hung out, hoping to find someone to show me a couple of decent roads in the area. Guess what…no one knew where the bikers were. Ahem…Hello. You sell bikes and ride them and you don’t know where the bikers hang…nice. Fine. Keep your secrets of where to find other bikers and I’ll find something else to do considering no one at the dealership had any idea of what roads were worth riding in the area. I guess the bikers in the area only stayed in town, cruising up and down the beach road.


I ended up going to Walmart and doing some shopping for a few things I needed. When I returned to the campground, I packed to leave in the morning. I was over this town where I couldn’t get to the beach without paying. It was frustrating when I couldn’t get a show ticket. And because I rode a motorcycle, not one camper would talk to me at the evening gathering. Fine. Be that way. I’m outta here.

If you have money and fit in with the ‘active older RV ers’, Myrtle Beach might be a nice place to go and stay. For me, it was a waste of time and money. I did ride out Rte. 501, but it was like 17 N from Savannah to there…smalls towns, marshes and farms. Eastern S. Carolina was a total bust, unlike the western part of the state where you can ride and enjoy the back roads without being attacked by mosquitoes.

New Bern, North Carolina


I’m off to North Carolina early in the morning. I can’t get out of Myrtle Beach fast enough. From the start of the day, I ignore the little voice in my headset, triggering recalculating route when I turned on to a side road I saw on the map on my GPS screen. I followed my own route, listening the the voice telling me I was ignoring her advice as to where to turn. The back roads were a quite fun to ride and made for an interesting trip to the campground.

It was a beautiful day, so I took a tent site. I had my choice of sites as I was the only person in a tent there. It took me all of an hour to have my site set up. What I didn’t realize was how muggy it was until I began to pound in stakes.

Problems, and more problems…grrr

I went to get a bottle of water, I said a few cuss words under my breath when I opened the cooler. All that was left in the cooler was was cool, not cold water. There was not one smidgen of the ice I had bought that morning to fill the cooler. The darn thing didn’t even hold ice for a day. Mark another negative up against the company who had made my trailer…cheap ice chest included. The cover had already fallen apart. The paint on the trailer had bubbled and flaked off all along the front. For what I paid for it, it should have stood up better with the light use it was getting at this point in time.

Next, I inflate my air mattress. It holds air for all of ten minutes. I want someone to explain how not one, not two, but three holes ended up in it. I had put it in the bag which came with it.  Gremlins? Okay, another trip to Walmart. Looks like I’m going to see all the Walmart stores along the east coast.


I return with a new cooler and air mattress. I now need to figure out what to do with a cooler that doesn’t keep ice. It would be great for storage, but where would I put it? I already had more than I should have on the trike and trailer. Let me think on that one awhile.

It was time for a shower after sweating buckets while putting the tent up and arranging the campsite for a few day stay. When I came back, I attempted to connect to the internet. Right. Not happening. It wasn’t working where I was located. Back to editing.

New Bern Pier

I was able to see this pier from my tent. This is dark because it was getting dark and about to rain.

New Bern, N. Carolina Sunset

I got to enjoy this sunset almost every evening I was here. I was on this little spit of land where all the those in tent’s got to stay. It was wonderful other than the biting insects.

New Bern Sunset

I had to do this. I got the sun going down on top of the pole like it was light there. When I saw that, I had to get my camera. As you can tell, I spent a lot of my evenings on the pier watching the mullet eating flies and then the lovely sunsets.

Roanoke Island


My plan was to ride out to Cape Hatteras and back. I didn’t make it there but I did get to the welcome center on Roanoke Island. It was an interesting ride there along 264. Being the awful tourist who gawks at all the scenery, I took my time.

Imagine my surprise when I saw houses along the way which were set 8-10 feet off the ground for the tidal surges with storms. What I didn’t get a picture of, but but will never forget is this trailer attached to a pole, floating the in the air. I did a triple take on that one as I attempted to figure out why it was up there, how they got it up there, and how a person would get up and down from it. The latter part is still a mystery to me.


I also stopped at this this marina in Engelhard for lunch. It is on 264 E which runs along the coast. A gentleman named Rick, who was at the gas station where I was filling up, began to talk to me. He asked if I had lunch, which I hadn’t. I followed him to this marina to a small restaurant which seated maybe 10 people. He guaranteed I’d get a fresh fish meal.

I ordered the fish sandwich. It was fresh all right. A man came in the side door and dropped four fillets into her bucket in the cooler. One of those was my lunch. If you are ever in the area, you go past the fish processing plant to the next left and it’s the little building on your right. It was well worth the stop,

The swamps

From lunch, I continued along 264 into Alligator Basin. What I didn’t know about the road (on the map it looked to be a good sized road…forget that notion) was that it would go under water with the tides. Just before I got into the refuge, I saw this:

Old boat on Alligator Basin, NC

It put me in mind of an old movie with the old boat hidden in the trees called Cape Fear.

North Carolina lowlands

This is part of the lowlands.Where I’m standing the water is lapping the road.

Salt water marsh

This was what you see from the road on the way to Roanoke Island along 264. It is a salt water marsh on both sides of the road. That is Pamlico Sound outside of the marsh.

Roanoke Island Welcome Center

Roanoke Island Welcome Center. As much as I wanted to see the Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras, it was getting late in the afternoon and I needed to head back to the campground. I don’t like traveling on roads I don’t know after dark.

The ride back

I took 94 S back which was more inland. It had a few more curves through the Alligator River, National Wildlife Preserve. Part of the preserve had burnt a year ago, but it was coming back with a lot of green in the burned area.

Cedar Island


On this day, I went to Cedar Island. I took 70 S to 12 E. I went all the way to where to ferry goes to the southern end of the Outer Banks of NC. There wasn’t much there but the wooded drive along the islands and the views made it well worth the ride for me.

That’s it for now.


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