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Mail-Order Heart

Mail-Order Heart

Part of the miners to millionaires series


I will admit to getting this book as a freebie. It sounded good and I was in the mood for a book which didn’t take a lot of thinking to read. I started to read it a couple of days after I got it.

It starts off with Clara arriving at Promise Creek to marry Ivan, a man she had never met.  When Ivan didn’t show up to meet here, she became worried. She couldn’t return home. An elderly man asks her if she was waiting for someone. Clara said she was waiting on her fiance, and the man asked if it was crazy Ivan. She doesn’t think he is referring to the same man.

Well things go from bad to worse when she is shown into a room where there are 8 other women there to marry the same man who had died before they arrived.  

Meanwhile Sheriff Sawyer Morrison is ready to kill a dead man for putting him and the women in an untenable situation.  When Clara takes control of the situation, things begin to move ahead. The nine women move to the house Ivan built after the mayor promises to help them.  

I’m not going to do a spoiler for you. You will need to read to book to discover what happens and if things work out of Clara or any of the other girls. This is book one, the rest of them have their own story like Clara. The book was well written and kept you reading to find out what they women and the sheriff would do next.  At this time, there are seven of the nine books published.  If you like this one (which is free when I wrote this) then get the rest. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed as the women come alive and the men who will end up marrying them.

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