Montana: He sent an Angel

Are Angels Real?

If angels are real, are they here among us?"

Are angels real? It's a question I have no exacting answer for. If they are real, are they here among us? I'd say yes they are if they are real. Working on that premise and the work which has been done proving we do go somewhere upon death, I had a story slowly grow on me. After hearing stories of my great grandmother who had 'died' and come back to life, this was a story I wanted to write. What if there is a real angel, one we can see, touch and interact with among us? That was how I came up with Montana:  He Sent and Angel, my newest book. I'm waiting on the cover to be completed, but I'm excited about this different genre book as it is a Christian Romance. Nothing preachy, but based on the principles of Love, Hope and Caring and faith.


Angel on mural

Stained glass Angel

Traditional angels.

Traditional angels have been depicted with wings, halos and long flowing robes be they men or women. In The bible, you hear about Archangel Michael. Then there are the saints which become angels. It isn't until later you hear about women angels. From the mural to the left, the angel is male with Justice and two male cherubs in the clouds. It is the traditional view. One most likely before they accepted females could be angels also.

The second picture is a stained glass depiction of a female angel playing a violin. She has the halo, wings and long hair and flowing robes. Most of your angel have a serene expression which you can't miss. She is also very traditional. 

In the book, Montana isn't all the serene. She is childish at times and overly trusting. But when you see her as an angel, she wears a long flowing robe held at the waist with a cord and light all around her, more intense around her head.

Angels among us.

Picture that serene person who is always loving, caring, even when stern who you know. For me it was my maternal grandmother. She was the picture perfect grandmother, apron and all. For me, she was as close as I will probably ever get to and earthly angel. 

With this book, I took a girl who had a near drowning experience who they didn't expect to live. During that experience, she met her guardian angel before being sent back to earth. Because she had a speech problem, only one person took the time to understand what she was saying about the angels.

When the book opens, Montana is having a difficult time. This is the first few paragraphs from the book.

MONTANA MADE BETTER time than expected riding the gently curved road winding over the hills between woods and farms. It was early, but she liked the idea of having a short day. She was bone tired. Tired of being a nomad. Tired of struggling. Tired of trying to stay alive, and tired of being alone.

The campground was cheap enough, giving a discount for staying two nights. There would be time to wash her clothes in the nearby town of Titusville before leaving. It would feel good to take a hot shower and wash her hair while here. When you are on limited funds and unable to afford anything but the cheapest places, life was difficult at best.

Even cheap wasn’t always affordable. A much as possible, she used hidden pull offs near streams to spend the night or found free campsites in small parks. She only used the larger campgrounds for one or two nights a week to conserve her funds. It enabled her to pay for gas and food. Often, she did a wash and bathed in a stream or river where the water didn’t cost her a dime, unlike laundromats and campgrounds

None of this was new to her. For six of the past seven years she lived without electric, a bathroom, or running water. A stream became her water source. Candles, a flashlight, or campfire her light. A hole in the ground her bathroom, and a pot with heated water her bathtub.

Now, she had a home of sorts in the pop-up camper she pulled behind her motorcycle. It took the place of the shelter built of discarded planks of wood and tarps where she lived in for five years and the small tent she had used for a year. Yes, she had moved up to a better residence, but not much else changed in her life. Other than becoming nomadic instead of stationary, she still lived from hand to mouth, never sure if she would have enough for food or gas.

You Don't Need to Believe in Angels to Meet One

They are Among us.

Whether you believe in angels are not, there are those among us who embody the traits we believe angels should have such as love, caring, hope, charity, and serenity. I'm sure most of us can remember people like that in our life. If they helped you and mentored you, they are probably an earthly angel. An angel may come and go in your life, but they seem to show up when you need one most. That is something I've discovered over the years. Look around you. There many be an angel closer than you think.

Here are a couple of YouTube links to watch. They are interesting and might change your mind about angels being real. 

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