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Montana: He sent an Angel

Are angels real? What would you do if you met an angel?

Montana: He Sent and Angel

Montana: He Sent an Angel

The Cover

When I found the picture of the girl on the cover, she was what I envisioned Montana to look like so I used it for the book, Montana: He Sent an Angel. Young and innocent is how I pictured her. This was one of those books which didn’t take me long to write as I could imagine the scenes as they flowed from one to the other. The question which made me write it  was: Are there Angels here on earth?

The premise

In He Sent an Angel, the premise is a girl who isn’t wanted by her mother but took her from her father to hurt him. Her mother even lied about her not being her father’s child. Montana spent her life in the shadows of a mansion. The only one who paid attention to her was her step-brother, Robert or Robbie as she calls him.

She goes through her life being noticed only when she begins to sing. Her voice is almost unearthly with a range any opera star would love to have. Even though she sings in the church choir, her parents don’t come when she is singing a solo, not wanting to answer questions about her

When she meets Shane, she sees him as her earthly angel sent in answer to her prayers. Through all that she endures, she knows He sent an Angel to watch over her and help her along the way.

Why this book and this subject?

Too many children are neglected or ignored by their parents from all walks of life which is the reason I have her in a mansion with a well-to family. At 17 she is forced to leave. She learns to support herself while getting an education on-line to be able to get a better job.

She doesn’t become a victim like many of the others out there, but she does have issues with trust, always looking for signs that she will need to move on going to the next place, never settling somewhere. You can see the signs of depression and lack of self-worth after she meets Shane who she sees a an angel sent to help her if only for a short period of time.

Abuse and Mental Illness

These are two things which are rampant in our society. As parents become more self-centered their children suffer. Then there is the lack of modeling what a parent should be or should do. Our society is mobile to the point of having no roots, as people are searching for the ideal place and job, not realizing it is within their grasp.

When things go south in today’s world, many of the people look for a pill to solve the problem. I don’t mean to give the impression that I don’t take medication. I do when needed, but most of the time, medication isn’t the answer. Mindset is. You need to want to get better without all the pills.

For Montana, Angels are real. She has a guardian angel sent to help her survive her life, giving her hope.

Mental Illness

When you ask a mentally ill patient why they don’t take their medication, they will tell you several reasons. 1. They can’t afford it. 2. It makes them feel funny/weird/or off, not like themselves. 3. The like the voices or where they are and don’t want the medication.  Those are the main reasons, so what are we to do with them? Warehouse them so they are “sane” or let them go as long as they aren’t causing harm?


Abuse is something that isn’t going to go away as more people are into drugs, self-centered beliefs where they come first, and over crowding with low resources. As the stress levels go up, so does abuse. Even though many think it’s a problem of the lower educated and poor, it isn’t. Abuse is found in all socio-economic strata. As self-control is not stressed today, the problem will only get worse.

Montana give hope

The whole book is one of hope, belief, and that you will get what is promised to you if you believe. It is also about how you may meet an angel and never know it until too late. Montana never gives up hope of having that home with a person who loves her. That is what she is striving for all through the book. She doesn’t want a mansion. All she wants is a small house.

She also wants someone to love her. All her life, she wanted to be noticed and accepted. She calls herself a brown wren and like the wren, you hear her voice but don’t really see her. It’s the way she sees her life.

What many people don’t know is that your perception is the truth. What you believe is real. Think about it. It’s what all faith is built upon.


PS  Montana: He Sent an Angel should be coming out late 2019 or early 2020.

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