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Can we really have life without music?

Music and Life


Is there one without the other?


In several of my books I use the phrase “the music of the earth”. If you haven’t ever heard it you have never sat outside and listened to the sounds around you. Many will say that music isn’t part of life, but music and life can’t be separated. It is part of who we are. Why do you think the music industry does such good business? Check out the number of music videos on YouTube. 

It is a part of who we are. Music had been around since man had been around. They imitated the songs of the birds, the sounds of the animals, the wind in the trees, and the rain as it falls to earth. They uses whistles, flutes, rain sticks, drums and many other things they devised to mark what was harmonious sounds to them. 

If you think about those who voices you love, they are musical, soothing and draw you into what they are saying. It will be distinctive and get your attention. The tone, timbre and changes in volume are all parts of what makes you enjoy that person’s voice.

King River rapids

Sunken Natchez Trace

The music is all around us, we only need to listen

It took me a while to realize why I had so many pictures of water.  It’s because the sound of the water is soothing, even the rapids. Many people live by the ocean because of the sounds of the waves.  I also have the pictures of the forests because the sounds of the forest make you realize we aren’t alone here. There are many animals who inhabit our world. Many of their sounds are incorporated into our music. You don’t realize it, but it’s there. 

For relaxation, you can listen to music tuned to the the vibrations of the earth.    This is known as the miracle tone of the universe at 528 Hz.    This is the 432 Hz which is part of the earth sounds.

For years, man has mimicked the sounds he has heard around him. Today, we hear the clash and clang of the cities with the harshness and violence which is becoming more and more prevalent. You hear it in the violent raps of today.  I don’t know about others, but I much prefer something which is calming and pleasant to listen to.

I discovered this great radio station to listen to while writing.  I know, it is the background music of video games, but here’s the thing about it. I keeps you working and if there are lyrics they are frequently in a pretend language.  The only thing to disturb you is when you are are doing a love scene and the music is telling you to write a fight scene.

Whatever type of music you like, if fit you. I’m one of those who have everything from Gregorian chant to Hip Hop on my i-pod (yeah, I still use one since I live in an area where streaming music doesn’t happen).  I love variety. I get bored with the same music over and over and over…you get my drift. That is most radio stations. I hate hearing the same songs twenty times a day.  Hmm, wonder if that has anything to do with my liking to travel a lot? (shakes head and gets back to topic)

Yes, music is part of life. All sounds are musical in some way shape and form.  Embrace the music of life and live your life to its fullest. There is no reason to hide in the shadows, watching life slip by without participating.  When you do that,  by the time you discover you haven’t done a things you wanted, it will be too late. 

So…dance like no one is watching, sing like you are in the shower, and let that inner child out to enjoy life.

B.A. Mealer

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