My Travels

From New Jersey into New York,
Around The Cities Through New Jersey and Into New YorkDreading the Cities Swartswood State ParkI spent the night in Wildwood,[...]
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and New Bern, North Carolina
Myrtle Beach, SC KabniMyrtle Beach, SCI spent the last day in Savannah watching the rain.  By the time it cleared[...]
Key West to Savannah, GA
Getting to where you are going is half the fun of traveling. Key West to home. After leaving Key West,[...]
Key West A Great Place To Start A Trip
The Southern Most Point to Zero Miles on US-1 More... Zero miles, formal start of trip The Southern Most Point[...]
Trip to Sturgis 2015
Sturgis Trip of 2015 The pre-trip for my dream trip The best laid plans... More... I realized quite quickly as[...]
The Trip of a Lifetime
Live Your Dreams. You only live once.Sunset through the Cypress trees.Why give up a good dream when you can live[...]