Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and New Bern, North Carolina

Myrtle Beach, SC Kabni

Myrtle Beach, SC

I spent the last day in Savannah watching the rain.  By the time it cleared up, it was too late to do anything, so I sat on the porch of the Kabin and watched the ducks and swans before packing to leave in the morning. 

August 30, 2015, I left for Myrtle Beach, SC. The day started out decent but by the afternoon I had to put on my rain suit. Now imagine who have paid $150 for rain suit. You would think it would keep you dry. Nope. The front of my shirt was soaking wet along with my pants. I would have been just as dry leaving it off. 


With that aside, I took a Kabin again. You can't put a canvas tent up in the rain. Trust me on that unless you have multiple people to help and don't mind the inside of the tent getting wet. I settled in for the evening. It wasn't until the wee hours of the morning before it quit raining only to start up again the next morning. 

It was afternoon before the sun came out and I was able to go do something. I did attempt to get a ticket to one of the many shows, but I refused to pay $50 for a seat in an area where I wouldn't be able to see the show. Single people aren't needed or wanted apparently.  I ended up going to Villa Romana and having a wonderful Italian dinner with enough leftovers for my meal the next day.

The next day, I went to the dealership and asked about the best roads and places where bikers hung out.  Guess what, no one knew. Okay, they could keep their secret, so I went to Walmart, did some shopping and went back and packed to leave. My route back took me along the beach.  My feeling--It's a beach with old people.  It was one place I'll not go back to. You need a lot of money to spend or sit in your room and amuse yourself. 

Salt water march NC

Sunset New Bern, NC

Old boat on Alligator Basin, NC

New Bern, NC

Sept. 2, 2015, I left for New Bern, NC. Ignoring the little voice in my ear telling me where to turn, I followed my own route with the help of my navigation system. I so love the "recalculating the route" when I didn't turn where I was supposed to. I ended up on some back road which were fun to ride and made for an interesting trip the campground. 

Now, a lot of the trip was past this saltwater marshes. You have to understand though that they stink. Rotting vegetation and methane aren't the most pleasant of smells the the views were nice and you could see where the water would come up over the road if it was raining and high tide. 

I twas nice when I arrived at the campground so I took a tent spot near the pier.  Now, you don't realize how muggy it is until you start to drive stakes into the ground to set up a tent. I went to get a drink and started mentally cussing. The ice I had gotten that morning was melted and what was left was cool, not cold water.

Okay, no problem. Wrong. I inflate the air mattress. In ten minutes it's down. I would love to have an explanation of how it ended up with not one, but three holes in it.  This mean an emergency trip to Walmart where I get a new cooler which will hopefully hold ice and an new air mattress. 

The sunset it gorgeous as you can see.  I go and shower from sweating buckets in putting up my tent. I get back and try to get on the internet. Right. Not happenings. No matter what I did, it wasn't working. That meant back to editing. Tomorrow, I would be going to Cape Hatteras and back. I'll see how that goes. 

9/3. I didn't make it to Hatteras, but I did get to the welcome center on Roanoke Island. The ride was interesting with the houses 8 to 10 feet off the ground on stilts. Now imagine this trailer on a post high in the air.  In Engelhard on 264 E this man, Rick at a gas station invites me to go to the marina for lunch, saying it would be the best fish sandwich I'd ever eat.  Well you turn into Tom's Marina, go pas the fish processing place to the next left and the little building on your right is the restaurant. It's well worth the stop as he wasn't kidding about the fish.  

The ride back was prettier than the ride out. I enjoyed 94 south. It was more inland with a few curves. It took me through the wildlife preserve. Part of it had been burnt, but you could see the plants rejuvenating. 

This was a stop well worth taking. There was a lot to explore and from what I understand the outer banks are a great trip, but my goal was to see the fall colors in New England. 

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