On to Delaware

From North Carolina to Delaware

Leaving New Bern

North Carolina lowlands

Out of North Carolina

I was ready to leave North Carolina after a trip to Roanoke Island and Cape Hateras. I got as far as the visitor's center before having to head back. As a reminder, if you ever get to Englhard NC, find Tom's Marina and stop at the little restaurant there. You will get fresh fish which it excellent. 

I followed the coast going north the next day toward Virginia. You have to remember this is all flat land and the roads have been underwater frequently. Part of the trek along the beaches you could see where they water comes up over the road at high tide. 

I did go through Kitty Hawk. It didn't take long to figure out why the Wright Brothers used it to test their plane. The wind was so strong, it almost blew me off my bike several times. I could imagine them flying off the large sand dunes along the road....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Virginia, Maryland and Delaware

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Chesapeake Bay Bridge from the other side.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Delaware

I spent the night in Virginia at Newport News. This is a shipyard town and the place where I stayed wasn't exactly in the best area of town but it was cheap and I didn't have to pitch a tent. I was up early to get across the bridge before traffic picked up. With it being a Sunday morning, the traffic was reasonable without a lot of trucks. At $15, I made sure to take my time and to enjoy the trip. I was going to eat while on the bridge, but one look at the prices had me deciding to wait until I was off the bridge. 

The bay was rough with a lot wind due to a storm I could see in the distance. I had to stop after the bridge and get as good a picture as I could of the magnificent structure which takes you under the water several times as you cross it.  With heading north, you pass through Maryland before getting to Delaware only you don't see signs telling you that along the way.

From the Bridge, I decided to to east to the coast through Ocean City. Like Myrtle Beach, it wasn't my idea of a fun place to stop. On this one day I went from Virginia, to Maryland then into Delaware. I ate lunch in Lewes which was near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where I got blistered from the sun at age seventeen. (That's another whole tale.)

Birds on island Route 9 in Delaware

Delaware lowlands route 9

Following Route 9 through Delaware was a great decision as I went through the lowlands. Again, you were traveling roads where the tides were over the road during high tide. It was different than the mangrove swamps of Florida. I enjoyed the trip as it was one where there was little traffic and nothing but time to get to the next stop.

I stopped at Middletown for the night as I wanted to go back and see Odessa which had a lot of the older homes then go to New Castle where there were homes of the same period.

The next day, I visited both cities then went into New Jersey to Cape May which was a quaint town where I spent most of the afternoon. The rest of the area was like Myrtle Beach and Ocean City, not a place where I wanted to stay.  I ended up staying north of Wildwood for the night is a motel which was acceptable but not great. I would get to see how the interior of the state looked tomorrow. 

Pictures of Odessa and New Castle historic districts

Odessa Historic distric

Owens Thomas house garden in Odessa

Odessa historic downtown

Cobblestone street in New Castle historic district

New Castle Bed and Breakfast from 1790s

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31 Mar, 2018

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and New Bern, North Carolina

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