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Playing Around Making Pins

Wasting time

Playing around

I can find more ways of wasting time than a cat has lives. One which really isn’t a waste is when I play around making pins for Pinterest. I like sayings, so I add those to pins. (Each one of these are linked to Pinterest if you want to save them.) All of them are on pictures I’ve taken. the one below, the picture was taken in N Carolina. The boat put me in mind of Cape Fear, the movie.  I found the scene pretty and unique. I’m not sure how many other people say the boat hidden in the trees, but I had to stop and get a picture of it. I thought it went well with the saying.

Quote Graphic

Saying are what make them fun.

Quote on Anasazi Ruins

This is another of those saying which is relevant to writing and living. We need to incoporate the old into the new. The picture is from Canyon de Chelly in NM. There were pueblos all over the area. The Navajo guide I had, Ben Teller said that his people knew those who lived in these houses and were upset when the white man came in and disturbed the spirits of the old ones. They have a long memory from their past to the present.

Live Those Dreams


The chances you don’t take

This pin was so relevant to my life. I passed up so many chance to raise children. When they left home, I began to grab the chance to live those dreams, even if they were only for a day or two. This picture is from the Smokey Mountains. It’s a road I took to get out of traffic.The road was one way and is unmaintained, consisting of 12 miles of hair-raising turns and beauty. I took a chance and will never forget that wonder 12 miles of the first road I took that was really off the beaten track.

Summing it all up

As I said, I love sayings, I make pins and then think about what it might mean to others. You’ll see other pins popping up here and there. Most of them will be with my pictures as I love getting the picture to fit the saying.

Have a great day.




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