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Spring has Sprung

Spring in the High Desert

Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung around my area. The weather is still in the 50s and 60s but that is better than 20 to 40 degrees of the winter. The wind has picked up sending gusts of 30-40 mph through the trees giving you that whispering pine type of noise that is nice until you hear the shingles on the roof moving. That is reason for concern, but spring is here and I love this time of year.

What is there to love about Spring?

What I love about spring is all the green and flowers. Even though I live in the high desert, we do get green and flowers in the spring. What is nice is that the flowers last a long time so you get to enjoy them for more than a week. If you notice thee are flower plus the juniper log. There is’t a lot of grass, but this is the desert after all.

Back yard

Back yard cactus

Because I’m over 5000 ft elevation but under the ponderosa pine elevation of 6500 feet or more, I have junipers everywhere which makes it high desert. They can be a problem as they over grow, but when they are mature, they can be interesting to look at. This is one of my favorites. (It is a fall picture but I love this trees with all it’s character.)

Old Juniper

Grandfather tree in back yard.

In my second full book for Jillian, I have her in the high desert and low alpine area of Williams, AZ. I love this area due to the changing scenery and the mountains. The lack of hills and mountains was one of the reasons I dislike south Florida. I also love the lack of humidity. I can go out without feeling like I’m in a steam bath. This picture has the mountaiin near Seligman in the background.


Junipers with mountain

Spring in the high desert

Because I’m in the northern area, I don’t get the triple digit heat like Phoenix. The 60 degree tempt today is cool due to the lack of moisture in the air. Warning though, you will get dehydrated quickly as you don’t notice that you are losing moisture since there is no moisture in the air.

This is the time of year that you come out of hibernation and do what you can to fix things up for the next winter. You also get to see the newborn animals like my friend’s foals. He lucked out with a colt and a filly. The picture on the left is the filly at three weeks old. The one on the right is the colt who is less than a day old.

Because the grass is plentiful, you’ll see the pronghorn antelope and I even saw two doe Elk crossing the road on my way to work. Nothing like not having a camera when you need one. I actually got to see my first road runner of the season. (And for those who are old enough, the coyotes do chase them and seldom catch them.)

antelope running

Antelope in my back yard

One of my favorite plentiful animals is the jack rabbit. He is big with huge ears. They are darker than the bunnies who are cute and sort of friendly. We have had a family who wintered under the trailer. What’s nice is that they keep the skunks out, and they aren’t destructive like skunks and the various mice and rats. Although mice are extremely common. I learned quickly to keep the traps set and check them daily.

Mouse in the houe

Moue in the house

On the writing front, I’ve been working on editing and rewriting. I’m hoping that my time spent in learning how to make the books better will benefit you, the reader. Unlike some writers, I need to spend a lot of time getting the books in shape to publish. My first drafts are readable but not even close to being publishable. The next book will be a shorter romance that I’m working on due to the length to learn how to edit to the best of my ability. Because there is a huge learning curve, it’s taking a lot of time.

My goal is to have at least two books ready by this fall. I’ll keep you updated. Discovering you weaknesses and fixing those, does make things better. After doing a couple of books with this new to me system, I’m hoping that things will speed up and I will be able to put out 2 to 3 books a year from my backlog of written but unedited manuscripts.
Meanwhile, enjoy the spring. Get outside in the sun (you can do that while maintaining social distancing) so you can stay healthy. As Nurse Nightingale discovered, health is maintained through fresh air and sun, not darkness and closed rooms. Those walks around the neighborhood are good for you (and your dog if you have one).

Enjoy the season.

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