Montana: He sent an Angel

Are Angels Real?

If angels are real, are they here among us?"

Are angels real? It's a question I have no exacting answer for. If they are real, are they here among us? I'd say yes they are if they are real. Working on that premise and the work which has been done proving we do go somewhere upon death, I had a story slowly grow on me. After hearing stories of my great grandmother who had 'died' and come back to life, this was a story I wanted to write. What if there is a real angel, one we can see, touch and interact with among us? That was how I came up with Montana:  He Sent and Angel, my newest book. I'm waiting on the cover to be completed, but I'm excited about this different genre book as it is a Christian Romance. Nothing preachy, but based on the principles of Love, Hope and Caring and faith.

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