Jill, a private detective, has a past which could destroy her and her career.

When a vacation with her family results in an unexpected return to work after discovering the body of the man she was investigating, 24-year-old private detective, Jillian Potter, follows the clues, reluctantly working with Thomas Wellington, and agent with a thousand personalities. The clues lead them to the ring of criminals Jill has wanted to bring to justice since she was twenty. The situation spirals out of control, pushing the two detectives into a situation where the secrets they both are guarding could keep them from bringing the criminals to justice while keeping them apart.

Warning: This book contains adult language and situations.

The Jillian Factor

Maybe I shouldn't take vacations.

This book came into being after the vacation with my family prior to my leaving for my trip around the USA.  Lake Louisa is this wonderful place to vacation, but me, being me, saw it as a great place for a murder. All the places mentioned in the book are real places, but don't expect the interiors of any buildings to be like the real buildings. 

This was a book where I actually liked many of the characters. Wyatt drove me crazy. His language is atrocious, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get him to behave and stop using words no lady wants to hear.  I hope you like them as well as I did, as you will be seeing them again. 

As to the story, well that was based on a newspaper story from many, many years ago. I changed it to the Russian Mafia and had to bring in a US Marshal after reading a book about them.  You will be seeing them again. The idea of the second book came from working at the place where the murder takes place along with a few headlines in the local paper.  

May you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

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About the Author

B. A. Mealer retired with her third career decided upon when she started writing. After spending way too many years working as a nurse and raising four children, she decided the second half of her century of life was going to be all about what she wanted to do.

She left home and traveled for a year before deciding to leave South Florida for the high desert of Arizona.  Living close to the end of the grid, she works for the Williams school district as an aide for special needs children while continuing to write. 

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