The Trip of a Lifetime

Live Your Dreams. You only live once.

Sunset through the Cypress trees.

Why give up a good dream when you can live it?


Why do you work? It's a great question if you are young. I knew why I was working. Dreams! I was going to live my dreams. I still haven't completed everything I want to do, but I did get started on the biggest one.

The picture of the sunset through the Cyprus trees was taken on a vacation at Lake Louisa in Clermont, Florida with my family prior to leaving. Florida is pretty, but I was tired of feeling like I lived in an anthill. I spent fifty years of working and I wasn't going to sit around and slowly die in a condo without seeing some of the things I had read about.

Sunset On Lake Lousia, Clermont, FL.

I dreamed of traveling the United States on my motorcycle and camping. I had to change to a Harley Trike when I go so I couldn't hold up the bigger bike when I got tired. I'll have to admit, it was the best thing I did as the trike is fun, I can't drop it and it could go places a two wheeler couldn't.

Everyone needs a dream. Without dreams, what is life? Some may never come true. Some may. I saved and planned and made this one come true.

I discovered as I aged how many people retire, then die. I was determined not to be one of them.  I started making plans when I turned forty. I wanted to travel. I managed to make it to Europe twice. The last time was a lot of fun as I went with a good friend and loved being with her for the three weeks we were there. Well, that is until I had my return ticket home and cash stolen in Rome. 

Sunset from the boat as we headed to the dock/

Remember to make plans. Then move toward them in baby steps. One of my plans was writing. I finished my first book while I was traveling and published it. My second book has just been completed, so my dream of being an author has come true. It took me three years, a lot of hard work, and not giving up to get there, but here I am, writing for fun and still traveling.

Another thing I did was to run away from home. I had come to hate Florida, so part of my journey was to find someplace to move to where I would be almost off the grid where I could let my mind wander, plus enjoy life to its fullest without someone telling me I couldn't do the things I did. I'm still doing things most can't or won't do. 

The bottom line it to live your dreams. Through out this section, I will show you where I went and some of what I saw.  Word of warning....all photos are copy righted to me, so please to not take without asking permission. 

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B.A Mealer is an author and a traveler. This is a person who refuses to grow up and get old.

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